Thursday, July 02, 2009

Racecar Bunnies

The kids ages 7, 2 and 1-1/2 helped me make these for Easter. (I'm a little behind, give me a break)

24 swiss rolls
vanilla or chocolate frosting
24 marshmallow
bunny Peeps
1 package peach gummi rings cut in half
24 Lifesaver candies
48 plain M&M candies
96 Spree candies

Unwrap swiss cake rolls and put on flat surface to work on. I also put down wax paper because of the kids. Place contents of frosting in a quart-sized ziploc bag; press all air out, seal and snip cornero ff end. Be careful not to cut the corner too big or you'll wind up globbing the frosting on (like we did).

Cut a shallow V shape in the bottom of Peeps so they sit flat on cake rolls. Add small amount of frosting to bottom of Peeps and stick on almost to the back of cake rolls - 3/4 of the length.

Take halved gummi ring and add small dabs of frosting to cut ends and stick down behind Peep to make the seat back.

Add small dab of frosting to a Lifesaver and stick down in front of Peep on a slight angle for steering wheel.

Take two matching M&M's and adhere to front of cake roll as the headlights.

Take 4 matching Spree candies and use frosting to adhere two to each long side of cake roll as tires.

Repeat with all cake rolls.

Allow frosting to harden for at least two hours before moving

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