Saturday, March 13, 2010

Diana's Curry

Taken from The Outlandish Companion by Diana Gabadon.

(with Lamb, Beef, Chicken or Tofu)
White onion
raisins (optional)
olive oil
meat or tofu (about 6 oz. [or one medium chicken breast] per person)
curry powder
cayenne pepper (optional)
V-8 juice cocktail

Mince a good handful of white onion and four or five buds of garlic. If you like raisins, add a handful or two. Saute the minced onions and minced garlic and the (whole) raisins in olive oil until the onions are transparent (the raisins will puff up). Add the Main Ingredient (cubed meat or tofu), and brown (or cook through, for shrimp or tofu), stirring frequently. Add curry powder and cayenne to taste and stir; I prefer enough curry powder to liberally coat the meat and four or five shakes of cayenne, but the proportions depend on personal taste and the type of curry powder you use; some brands are much hotter than others.

Add one medium can (12 oz.) of V-8 juice per two people. Simmer over low heat. Can be eaten in 15 minutes, but better if simmered for a couple of hours, then allowed to cool and stand overnight, reheated the next day. Add additional V-8 juice if sauce becomes too thick while cooking.

Serve over rice (basmati or jasmine rice is good, as is short-grain white rice). Garnish with chopped cashews, almonds or coconut; serve with mango chutney and/or fresh pineapple.

I used chicken and give this a huge thumbs up!

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